Neptune’s Blur

Where there’s a gap in your natal chart, you apparently lack comprehension. I don’t understand Neptune. Problem is, I have Sun and Venus opposing Neptune in my natal chart. No small aspect. So what’s going on?

I know a gentle girl with huge watery eyes; she has a camera in hand. Quite easily Neptune personified. For reasons that I cannot comprehend, my internal self wants to grab and shake her, stake her tethers to the ground as if she’s a drifting hot air balloon. It’s a near violent reaction to the placid.

I appear to have a case of Jung’s ‘shadow’. I’ve disowned a part of myself, pushed it to the outside of my being. Apparently I should have romantic relations with dreamy artistic types that won’t commit to me. I don’t. Perhaps, compared to Ms Average, I know a lot of drinkers and those who enjoy recreational drugs as part of their weekend lifestyle. My disapproving eye watches over them. My strong Saturian self has rejected the ethereal in me and tells me I don’t like Pisces!

I’m trying to focus on Neptune’s blur, aiming to understand; I’m failing quite miserably. Except that I’ve come to realise one thing. I daydream. A lot. My imagination runs riot and I escape into weird and wonderful futures for myself. Anything is possible. Because this is such a natural part of myself, I didn’t realise that it isn’t ‘normal’.  It’s quite usual to have an imaginary friend as a child; I had three and my parents didn’t even know. I wish I could remember my sleeping dreams as the brief snippets I get are often colourful and bizarre, but they always slip away…like Neptune.


As an afterthought it occurred to me that Pisces is an intercepted sign in my chart, which would signify that I struggle to access its energy. By logical opposition, Virgo is also intercepted; the 6th house of health and work is certainly my mystery house, the one I understand least.


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  1. KathyGags
    Jul 02, 2010 @ 01:25:48

    Hi, this is a good post! I have my Sun and Venus opposite Neptune as well. And my Moon in Pisces is trine Neptune in Scorpio. Neptune in general is huge in my chart (a lot of 12th house placements, lots of major and minor Neptune aspects) and boy oh boy do I daydream. And I’m quite good at dreams while sleeping, also. They’re pretty precognitive, vivid and almost always give me information about the people or situations in my life.

    I’m clairvoyant (not in the “TV show” way, but in a more subtle way) and I can read people pretty good. I’m overwhelmed in crowds and need alone time every day to recharge. If I don’t get it, watch out. I am the most empathic person on the planet and for many years have had the weight of the world on my shoulders. I then discovered BOUNDARIES and meditation and letting go of guilt when I have to say NO to someone. It’s hard for me to not always be a people pleaser. But I need to say no to protect my sanity (and to get the people who take advantage of my compassionate nature to stop using me). God, I could go on.

    I take a situation and if I just start talking about it or writing about it without thinking, I nail it perfectly and whoever hears it can either confirm it; or something happens in which the situation I described turns out to be true…always.

    And yes, I battle with Neptune’s blur. I like to escape into the blurriness…


    • Rose
      Jul 06, 2010 @ 16:17:04

      Hey KathyGags, thanks for the comment. I’m beginning to understand about Neptune picking up on feelings. I’m never comfortable in large groups, even when I know everyone there; I feel very overwhelmed. I was also in a large crowd on Saturday and noticed how I refuse to look at anyone and move through them quickly, trying to be ‘small’.

      It fascinates me that astrology has made me take notice of all the things that I do ‘naturally’ and made me view them in a new light…



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