On Top of the World

For the first time in about eighteen months, I feel bloody amazing! Light footed, fancy free, skipping towards my future with joy in my heart. It’s been the dark night of my soul to the extent that I honestly can’t remember the last time I felt this good. I’m curious as to why now? And more importantly, how long will it last?

Uranus has moved into Aries, the sign of action, energy and spunk! I really felt that one; I wanted to cast all my cards into the wind and RUN. The jitters finally settled into excitement and I can’t wait until Uranus finally settles into Aries in March 2011. Besides, Uranus moving into Aries also coincides with the cusp of my 5th house of romance and just plain fun. I adore Uranian energy, it fills me with laughter. I can just imagine my Aquarian friends doing cartwheels around me…

Or perhaps it is because transiting Uranus is making a grand trine with my Moon and Saturn, providing some emotional respite from my natal Saturn to Uranus square?

Mercury is on a very brief 15 day sojourn through its home of Gemini and my Sun sign. No wonder I want to write, but this means my smiles will be over in two days?

Finally, transiting Venus is trining my Neptune. According to Cafe Astrology:

You may feel in good humor without really knowing why. Nothing new in your life, but nevertheless a veil of happiness surrounds you. You feel the need for, or have an opportunity to, enjoy quiet pleasures.”

That about sums it up, but there’s nothing quiet about it. I’m bouncing! By early July, Venus will be moving onwards…


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