Being a mini-Saturn

Donna Cunningham’s post about Mercury-Saturn aspects has got me contemplating kiddies with a strong Saturn signature. Saturn and youth don’t sit well together; the planet of patience, perseverance and authority drapes childhood with the cloth of Grandfather Time. There’s a sense that children’s bright light and spontaneity is covered in cobwebs. Responsibility arrives far too early.

I can hear the parents now, saying ‘Oh Lucy is so mature and well-behaved. So sincere. We couldn’t have asked for an easier child’. The child lives slightly in the shadows, never needing or demanding attention, slipping under the notice of parents and teachers. The word I’m looking for is sombre.

There are advantages though, Saturnian people grow and blossom as they age. They need not fear the Saturn Return that occurs every 29 years; it can bring a bucket of self-confidence. After all, you’ve looked after Saturn, he looks after you.

The problem is, I beat myself up with a Saturn-shaped stick. I can’t small talk with strangers. I struggle to be spontaneous, take life as it comes. I’m ever-so responsible and play by the rules. Living is a serious thing. Perhaps it’s my mercurial Gemini Sun that thinks I’m a heavy rock, or it’s the square to Uranus that wants change, invention and upset? Or this is just the prose of a self-critical Saturn in Leo.

There’s no two ways about it, a strong Saturn signature is a hard taskmaster. But he is an achiever, and dreams can be grasped. We cannot remain downtrodden; our climb continues regardless of the knocks we receive. Saturnians are fine wines, we mature beautifully!


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  1. annewhitaker
    Jul 08, 2010 @ 19:20:20

    Dear Rose,

    as a fellow Saturn in Leo, how could I not agree?! Just discovered your fine site – and many thanks for giving me a link. Will reciprocate. May Rose Triplicity flourish.

    Anne Whitaker


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