The River

There is a river. Its banks are gentle and welcoming, a sandy beach leads you to the water. The surface of the river is calm; light reflects. Ripples wink as they catch the sun, leaves swirl gently in the current.

However, the river is deep and wide. Beneath that beguiling surface, powerful currents churn. They are capable of grasping you, unexpectedly, taking you into their watery embrace. You then become one with the flow; you have no beginning nor end. You are led inexorably onwards along the river’s  journey, destination unknown.

Some look at the river and avert their gaze; apparently there is nothing to catch their attention. Others dip in a toe, testing the water as they know that there is more than meets the eye. Then there are those that jump in, letting the water envelop them; they have no choice but to join the journey.

This is my Pluto. Outwardly I am ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Beneath the cool, calm facade of a Scorpio Ascendant, Pluto flows. There are layers of complexity and power, there are secrets. The Scorpio eyes are the window to my soul, if you care to look.


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