Saturn’s Drum

I keep banging on and on about Saturn….

Actually, it’s not strictly true that Saturn is a big influence in my chart. Kinda hard to believe from my posts huh? Sure, he’s at the apex of T-square, but I’ve got another two kicking around. In fact, I’m Plutonian. It’s the dark one at the edge of our Universe that rules me; Pluto’s the one that appears again and again in my chart.

The thing is, I feel really Saturnian. I believe that it’s a Mercury issue. I have a very earthy Mercury, all Taurus, Capricorn and Saturn. My quicksilver is a little muddy! Because my Gemini Sun is really all about living through the mind, my expression, logic and thought filters through oh-so-sensible-Saturn. I think like a Capricorn, therefore I am. Well, that’s my conclusion anyway.

I suspect I frighten my friends with my scarily organised, practical self. You wouldn’t believe how much stuff I can get done! Except when I get swallowed whole by the internet; it’s a tiny distraction…


Hmmmm Venus is also in Gemini, in mutual reception with Mercury. There’s a similar Saturnian pattern there too.


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