Balancing an Opposition

When two planets are situated in opposition, a balancing act is required between two modes of expression. There can be a feeling of see-sawing between two responses. How severe this feels depends upon the planets in opposition. For example, an opposition between Jupiter and Mercury might not be obvious because the energies are so similar. An opposition between Mars and Venus would be harder to integrate – action pulling at loving acceptance.

I have an opposition between Mercury and the Moon. My head and my heart do battle and indecision is the usual result. I can see the benefits of feeding both my rational self and following the inner voice. Unfortunately, in my case, Mercury is a fatty and my see-saw is weighed down at one end. The habit of stuffing my emotions down deep, deep, deep has been ingrained in me for a very long time.

There will always be repercussions from not working with the balancing act. The metaphorical dam that controlled my emotions eventually burst and I was swallowed whole without having any understanding of how to accomplish release. It wasn’t pleasant; I felt lost and alone in a stormy ocean. Since then I’ve discovered that my delightful Scorpio Ascendant is very very good at providing a glassy facade to the entire world; no-one has a clue what I’m thinking or feeling! So now I try to conciously open my mouth and say when I feel happy or sad, angry or frustrated. My poor Moon has to climb Mercury’s slippery ladder. It’s tough. It’s uncomfortable. I would rather have a mind reader.

But when that balancing act is achieved, it feels so blissful. That’s what happened when I wrote about Pluto and Neptune; both the Moon and Mercury got their chance to shine together. It felt so good!


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