Power Incarnate!

I try to attend my local astrology group, just so that I can get the sense of feeling slightly ‘normal’ about my interest in astrology! We were reviewing celebrities’ charts and their Part of Fortune. I’m not very practiced at looking at other people’s charts, but one leapt out at me. It screamed POWER at me… I present you with Bruce Lee.

The man has a stellium of four personal planets in Scorpio, opposite Jupiter and Saturn in Taurus, T-square Pluto in its own house, the 8th. That’s one hell of a Plutonian expressed through the strong outward persona of Sun conjunct Ascendant in Sagittarius. Add the absence of planets in Air and you’ve got one serious man. Phew.

He used all that depth, with fixed energy, to make massive demands upon his body. His training schedule was demanding and intense to say the least. Expansive Jupiter combined with Saturn’s structure provided self-control and an outlet for Pluto and his Sun?

It sounds like he also had a habit of street fighting. I imagine it must have been a continual battle to keep reigns on himself. There were also rumours of association with the Triads. Involvement with the underworld is easy to justify with a chart like that; whether he chose to take that path is another matter. Plus a sudden, early and somewhat mysterious death…


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