Power Incarnate!

I try to attend my local astrology group, just so that I can get the sense of feeling slightly ‘normal’ about my interest in astrology! We were reviewing celebrities’ charts and their Part of Fortune. I’m not very practiced at looking at other people’s charts, but one leapt out at me. It screamed POWER at me… I present you with Bruce Lee.

The man has a stellium of four personal planets in Scorpio, opposite Jupiter and Saturn in Taurus, T-square Pluto in its own house, the 8th. That’s one hell of a Plutonian expressed through the strong outward persona of Sun conjunct Ascendant in Sagittarius. Add the absence of planets in Air and you’ve got one serious man. Phew.

He used all that depth, with fixed energy, to make massive demands upon his body. His training schedule was demanding and intense to say the least. Expansive Jupiter combined with Saturn’s structure provided self-control and an outlet for Pluto and his Sun?

It sounds like he also had a habit of street fighting. I imagine it must have been a continual battle to keep reigns on himself. There were also rumours of association with the Triads. Involvement with the underworld is easy to justify with a chart like that; whether he chose to take that path is another matter. Plus a sudden, early and somewhat mysterious death…

Balancing an Opposition

When two planets are situated in opposition, a balancing act is required between two modes of expression. There can be a feeling of see-sawing between two responses. How severe this feels depends upon the planets in opposition. For example, an opposition between Jupiter and Mercury might not be obvious because the energies are so similar. An opposition between Mars and Venus would be harder to integrate – action pulling at loving acceptance.

I have an opposition between Mercury and the Moon. My head and my heart do battle and indecision is the usual result. I can see the benefits of feeding both my rational self and following the inner voice. Unfortunately, in my case, Mercury is a fatty and my see-saw is weighed down at one end. The habit of stuffing my emotions down deep, deep, deep has been ingrained in me for a very long time.

There will always be repercussions from not working with the balancing act. The metaphorical dam that controlled my emotions eventually burst and I was swallowed whole without having any understanding of how to accomplish release. It wasn’t pleasant; I felt lost and alone in a stormy ocean. Since then I’ve discovered that my delightful Scorpio Ascendant is very very good at providing a glassy facade to the entire world; no-one has a clue what I’m thinking or feeling! So now I try to conciously open my mouth and say when I feel happy or sad, angry or frustrated. My poor Moon has to climb Mercury’s slippery ladder. It’s tough. It’s uncomfortable. I would rather have a mind reader.

But when that balancing act is achieved, it feels so blissful. That’s what happened when I wrote about Pluto and Neptune; both the Moon and Mercury got their chance to shine together. It felt so good!



Make astrologers wince.

They’re not all bad tho,

Just a little clang-y inside.

Saturn’s Drum

I keep banging on and on about Saturn….

Actually, it’s not strictly true that Saturn is a big influence in my chart. Kinda hard to believe from my posts huh? Sure, he’s at the apex of T-square, but I’ve got another two kicking around. In fact, I’m Plutonian. It’s the dark one at the edge of our Universe that rules me; Pluto’s the one that appears again and again in my chart.

The thing is, I feel really Saturnian. I believe that it’s a Mercury issue. I have a very earthy Mercury, all Taurus, Capricorn and Saturn. My quicksilver is a little muddy! Because my Gemini Sun is really all about living through the mind, my expression, logic and thought filters through oh-so-sensible-Saturn. I think like a Capricorn, therefore I am. Well, that’s my conclusion anyway.

I suspect I frighten my friends with my scarily organised, practical self. You wouldn’t believe how much stuff I can get done! Except when I get swallowed whole by the internet; it’s a tiny distraction…


Hmmmm Venus is also in Gemini, in mutual reception with Mercury. There’s a similar Saturnian pattern there too.

The River

There is a river. Its banks are gentle and welcoming, a sandy beach leads you to the water. The surface of the river is calm; light reflects. Ripples wink as they catch the sun, leaves swirl gently in the current.

However, the river is deep and wide. Beneath that beguiling surface, powerful currents churn. They are capable of grasping you, unexpectedly, taking you into their watery embrace. You then become one with the flow; you have no beginning nor end. You are led inexorably onwards along the river’s  journey, destination unknown.

Some look at the river and avert their gaze; apparently there is nothing to catch their attention. Others dip in a toe, testing the water as they know that there is more than meets the eye. Then there are those that jump in, letting the water envelop them; they have no choice but to join the journey.

This is my Pluto. Outwardly I am ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Beneath the cool, calm facade of a Scorpio Ascendant, Pluto flows. There are layers of complexity and power, there are secrets. The Scorpio eyes are the window to my soul, if you care to look.

Scorpio 11

I’ve just come across Sabian symbols. In 1925 every degree of the Zodiac was given an image by clairvoyant Elsie Wheeler. I read somewhere that it can be used to test whether your Ascendant is correct. I’m Scorpio 11. …

A drowning man is being rescued.

It couldn’t possibly be more personal and disturbing.

Being a mini-Saturn

Donna Cunningham’s post about Mercury-Saturn aspects has got me contemplating kiddies with a strong Saturn signature. Saturn and youth don’t sit well together; the planet of patience, perseverance and authority drapes childhood with the cloth of Grandfather Time. There’s a sense that children’s bright light and spontaneity is covered in cobwebs. Responsibility arrives far too early.

I can hear the parents now, saying ‘Oh Lucy is so mature and well-behaved. So sincere. We couldn’t have asked for an easier child’. The child lives slightly in the shadows, never needing or demanding attention, slipping under the notice of parents and teachers. The word I’m looking for is sombre.

There are advantages though, Saturnian people grow and blossom as they age. They need not fear the Saturn Return that occurs every 29 years; it can bring a bucket of self-confidence. After all, you’ve looked after Saturn, he looks after you.

The problem is, I beat myself up with a Saturn-shaped stick. I can’t small talk with strangers. I struggle to be spontaneous, take life as it comes. I’m ever-so responsible and play by the rules. Living is a serious thing. Perhaps it’s my mercurial Gemini Sun that thinks I’m a heavy rock, or it’s the square to Uranus that wants change, invention and upset? Or this is just the prose of a self-critical Saturn in Leo.

There’s no two ways about it, a strong Saturn signature is a hard taskmaster. But he is an achiever, and dreams can be grasped. We cannot remain downtrodden; our climb continues regardless of the knocks we receive. Saturnians are fine wines, we mature beautifully!

Planet on the Descendant – Superhero Required

I’ve been pondering the Descendant which means I’ve got my usual astrological worry ball. I pick it up, roll and squeeze it around my mind. I put it down for a while, only to start my manipulations again. I carry it through my waking, daydreaming and sleeping hours. This seems to be the resounding pattern of my astrological thinking. Eventually my thoughts coalesce and acquire some kind of essence, usually combined with a pile of new questions. But a foundation is formed and I can continue to build.

The Ascendant and the Midheaven get lots of press. The IC is the cusp of the 4th house, opposite the Midheaven, and is associated with the inner child,  home and upbringing. I’ve got a reasonable feel for that. But the Descendant? I’ve tried the usual internet search, but there’s not that much out there. Planets conjunct the Descendant are always interpreted as an Ascendant opposition.

The sign on the cusp of the 7th house is supposed to represent the type of person you are attracted to. Opposites, apparently, do attract. Planets in the 7th house have an even greater impact. So what happens when a planet is conjunct the Descendant? Does it mean you are really attracted to one type of person? There must be more to it than that…

If the Ascendant is the outer shell of yourself that you show to the world, the crust around your being that every expression-of-self filters through, is the Descendant the hollow deep inside that requires completion through a partnership? Earth with water, fire with air. If a relationship creates balance between your Ascendant and the Descendant, then the expression of self, the Ascendant, must be altered. So does having a planet on the Descendant mean you require a partnership to be complete and when you have one, the change within and without yourself is profound? Maybe.

I have Jupiter and Mercury in the 7th house and there’s no question that I seek an intelligent, communicative adventurer! Jupiter is conjunct the Descendant and my South Node sits half a degree off the Descendant in the 6th house. My 7th house ruler, Venus, has aspects to all the outer planets. There’s no doubt about it, a partnership is extremely important to me, but relationships will be one complex beastie.

But the South Node would suggest that I’ve been there and done that on the relationship front. Apparently I need my other half to support and challenge me so that I can fulfil my destiny through the expression of myself. It would appear that relationships have the great potential to change me, probably far more than I’m willing to admit to. All I can say is that the ‘significant other’ had better be up to the task! I think I need to get me a superhero…

On Top of the World

For the first time in about eighteen months, I feel bloody amazing! Light footed, fancy free, skipping towards my future with joy in my heart. It’s been the dark night of my soul to the extent that I honestly can’t remember the last time I felt this good. I’m curious as to why now? And more importantly, how long will it last?

Uranus has moved into Aries, the sign of action, energy and spunk! I really felt that one; I wanted to cast all my cards into the wind and RUN. The jitters finally settled into excitement and I can’t wait until Uranus finally settles into Aries in March 2011. Besides, Uranus moving into Aries also coincides with the cusp of my 5th house of romance and just plain fun. I adore Uranian energy, it fills me with laughter. I can just imagine my Aquarian friends doing cartwheels around me…

Or perhaps it is because transiting Uranus is making a grand trine with my Moon and Saturn, providing some emotional respite from my natal Saturn to Uranus square?

Mercury is on a very brief 15 day sojourn through its home of Gemini and my Sun sign. No wonder I want to write, but this means my smiles will be over in two days?

Finally, transiting Venus is trining my Neptune. According to Cafe Astrology:

You may feel in good humor without really knowing why. Nothing new in your life, but nevertheless a veil of happiness surrounds you. You feel the need for, or have an opportunity to, enjoy quiet pleasures.”

That about sums it up, but there’s nothing quiet about it. I’m bouncing! By early July, Venus will be moving onwards…

Neptune’s Blur

Where there’s a gap in your natal chart, you apparently lack comprehension. I don’t understand Neptune. Problem is, I have Sun and Venus opposing Neptune in my natal chart. No small aspect. So what’s going on?

I know a gentle girl with huge watery eyes; she has a camera in hand. Quite easily Neptune personified. For reasons that I cannot comprehend, my internal self wants to grab and shake her, stake her tethers to the ground as if she’s a drifting hot air balloon. It’s a near violent reaction to the placid.

I appear to have a case of Jung’s ‘shadow’. I’ve disowned a part of myself, pushed it to the outside of my being. Apparently I should have romantic relations with dreamy artistic types that won’t commit to me. I don’t. Perhaps, compared to Ms Average, I know a lot of drinkers and those who enjoy recreational drugs as part of their weekend lifestyle. My disapproving eye watches over them. My strong Saturian self has rejected the ethereal in me and tells me I don’t like Pisces!

I’m trying to focus on Neptune’s blur, aiming to understand; I’m failing quite miserably. Except that I’ve come to realise one thing. I daydream. A lot. My imagination runs riot and I escape into weird and wonderful futures for myself. Anything is possible. Because this is such a natural part of myself, I didn’t realise that it isn’t ‘normal’.  It’s quite usual to have an imaginary friend as a child; I had three and my parents didn’t even know. I wish I could remember my sleeping dreams as the brief snippets I get are often colourful and bizarre, but they always slip away…like Neptune.


As an afterthought it occurred to me that Pisces is an intercepted sign in my chart, which would signify that I struggle to access its energy. By logical opposition, Virgo is also intercepted; the 6th house of health and work is certainly my mystery house, the one I understand least.